Patch Notes August 1st 2022

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Quite a few new things in this patch, mostly the new bounty boards so lets dive into it and explain the new systems:

New Bounty Boards Quests

In an attempt to get people who may be on the fence about party play together we have added in bounty boards! These cover most of the major dungeons/regions and are more rewarding for places that havent been farmed as much. Each bounty will give varying amounts of Golden Silvervine depending on difficulty.

They are level locked but most of the good ones are 79-99 so anyone can get them in end game parties. They have no cooldown and can be spammed.

Most importantly they are incredibly high kill count requirements end game. To make this more appealing to parties than solo we made each unique person on screen count as an extra kill for each monster killed.

For example: If you kill an Agav with 10 UNIQUE people on screen and in your party (no dual clients) then you get 10 kills for that 1 actual Agav kill. This means while the bounties LOOK high with 1500 kill requirements most of the time, they are in reality mostly closer to 150 or even less if you have 10-12 people.

The goal of this is basically to give no downside to bringing another person in your party and to encourage moving parties over static pulling parties which tend to exclude many classes.

We'll go over rewards for these bounties below.

New Command: @bountyquest

This command will bring up the bounty board quest npc from anywhere without having to go back to town. It always feels weird to me to go back for bounties (with the exception being lasagna) so we added in this command so parties can just continue at places that are often hard to reach. Juperos Core, Thanatos, Clock Tower 4, etc.

You can choose to take all quests and turn in all.

Rewards for Bounties

So you can exchange your Golden Silvervine with Airi in the main office. She has 6 sets of unique custom costumes courtesy of the artist Haziel. Many of these are quite flashy and are intended to long term goals. We know some groups/players will breeze through them probably anyway but for casuals (which the system is aimed at) these should take awhile, ensuring that party play is always going on or at least goes on for awhile. We can always add more costumes later if things slow down.

Each costume costs 1500 Golden Silvervine with the highest rewards for any single bounty being 30. Some maps are better with full sets of turn in being up to 50 or 60. Hoping to see you guys group up and try out some new maps!

Battlegrounds Adjustments

A few adjustments here as BGs has been kind of a slog in many ways so we're trying to make other classes besides champion/biochemist relevant killers.

1.) Damage increased across the board from 60% > 80% of total damage for skill based damage.

2.) Global After Cast Delay of 50% applied in BG modes. Poem of Bragi is disabled. This levels the playing the field and makes wizards and other classes with huge ACD able to spam more.

3.) Cobwebs per life lowered from 20 > 5. Professors were simply shutting down too many people. Spider Web is incredibly strong in BGs and can stall out modes. Having to use this skill more selectively we hope helps.

4.) You can now choose to go back to therapist in TDM and CTF modes to refill supplies. This will lock you out as if you had died for the same amount of time, but will not cost your team a death in TDM mode. So this way when you run out the strategy isnt to keep you alive and ignore you.

5.) Elemental Converters have been added to the BG supplies list so people can endow themselves to counter things like Evil Druid card, Deviling Card, Ghostring, etc.

6.) Sprint has been enabled in BGs modes as we feel it really wasn't op by any measure and is kinda essential to taekwon rankers.

7.) Fixed a bug with matchmaking where if people joined after the mode had started it would place people all on one team making it lopsided. Now it will always try to even the teams first.

8.) Bravery Badges are now fully storageable/tradeable.

New Pets

Three new pets at the request of dsicher, Gameboyadvance, and Lapaco respectively. All tames drop from their own mob at 0.50%

1.) Pupa (gives 300 HP when loyal)

2.) Geographer (gives 5% physical and magical damage to plants when loyal)

3.) Galapago (doubles the effectiveness of grape juice when loyal)

Byalan 6 Drops Buffs

// King Dramoh (water level 2 > water level 3)

1.) Sapphire: 6.10% > 11.89%

2.) Aquamarine: 14.13% > 20.56%

3.) Elunium: 14.13% > 22.62%

// Sropho

1.) Sapphire: 6.10% > 11.89%

2.) Oridecon: 14.13% > 22.62%

3.) Electric Eel: 1.75% > 3.94%

4.) Aegirnion Manteau: 1.75% > 3.94%

// Kraken (MVP)

1.) Manteau of Mystic Frozen[1]: 10% > 20%

2.) Cardo[1]: 1% > 7%

3.) Huntin Spear[1]: 3% > 15%

4.) Treasure Box: 36% > 100%

// Pot Dofle

1.) Sapphire: 6.10% > 11.89%

2.) Aquamarine: 14.13% > 26.61%

3.) Oridecon: 14.13% > 22.62%

4.) Aegirnion Shoes: 1.75% > 3.94%

// Sedora

1.) Glass Bead: 26.61% > 40.95%

2.) Sapphire: 6.10% > 11.89%

3.) Elunium: 14.13% > 22.62%

4.) Aegirnion Armor: 1.75% > 3.94%

Bug Fixes and other stuff

1.) New commands: @bingbing and @bangbang. /bingbing and /bangbang don't work properly if you orient your camera at weird angles so we created these commands which are consistent regardless of your camera angle.

2.) Super Novice skills for all super novice players have been hard reset for free due to a bug with our reset npc giving out too many extra job points for super novices.

3.) Expanded Classes do not lose job levels when resetting anymore using the full stat reset.

4.) All Job Changes have been flagged to no longer give exp/loot/silvervine/etc. We had this applied for rogue, but have applied to all job changes.

5.) The last warp you visit will now properly display even if you warp to a map that has multiple on the same map. (like glast heim or comodo beach dungeons.)

6.) the Creator NPC at the valkyrie map will now give the greed skill when you talk to them again along with all your other platinum skills/bioethics.

7.) Stalker Figures have their 5% steal success put back, and its the proper value now instead of being exorbitantly more than it should have been. Raydrics Elu and Wanderer's OCA drops put back to normal.

8.) Guild EXP Table adjusted to be triple of that of renewal's exp table and thus much easier. This will no retroactively affect guilds who have already leveled.

9.) Aldebaran, Comodo, Geffen, Izlude, Yuno, Morocc, and Payon warps (as in warping TO these towns) using a kafra are now in more convenient locations.

10.) Sedora and Goblin Leader can not auto feed.

11.) Earth Bow[1] adjusted to apply blind at 10% chance instead of Stone Curse.

12.) Purple Silvervine is now storageable.

Bug Warnings

We've come across a bug with the new patch where the new elemental converters will reset your supplies to default if you try to adjust the amount you get from them.

For now if you want to run BGs just leave converters at the default 2 of each so your supplies are not reset.