Item Changes

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The following weapons have been nerfed/adjusted to account for random options system to avoid them becoming overpowered with high level options:

           1.) Ice Pick/Ice Pick[1]: Level 4 Weapons > Level 2 Weapons
           2.) Orc Archer Bow: Level 3 Weapon > Level 2 Weapon
           3.) Scalpel[3]: Level 4 weapon > Level 3 Weapon
           4.) Infiltrator/Infiltrator[1]: Level 4 Weapon > Level 3 Weapon
           5.) Zephyrus/Zephyrus[3]: Level 4 Weapon > Level 3 Weapon
           6.) Swordbreaker[3]/MailBreaker[3](and their nonslotted equivalents): Level 4 Weapons > Level 3 Weapon
           7.) Violet Fear[2]: 275 Base ATK > 240 Base ATK
           8.) Twin Edges of Naght Seiger[3] (both red and blue): 160 and 150 Base ATK > 140 Base ATK on both.

NOTE 1: Their base attack has been raised by 10 atk for all of these weapons to account for their weapon level nerfs.

NOTE 2: The following weapons are being playtested to potentially be nerfed before release: Veteran's Sword, Violet Fear, Naght Seiger One-Handed Swords

Other Gear Changes

1.) Elemental Sword will no longer stack with itself and chain cast many bolts.