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Overview and Foreword

After nearly a year, we're back with a new content update that is larger than anything else we've done before. This is part of our new bi-annual major patch updates where we'll try to release something larger in scope that takes longer than normal.

Further, since we're finally past the vanilla pre-renewal content we only have custom renewal content or just entirely custom content to release moving forward. This means we won't be following any vanilla episodes and are "starting over" with A.1.0. (A standing for Alfheim since these patches will be unique to us).

This does mean that moving forward, all content updates will be considered their own episodes and any bug fix/adjustment patches inbetween will be minor patches (like A.1.1 or A.1.3). This is mostly so its easier for us to track when we released a new system or made a fix for tracking purposes.

Coming back to the fun stuff though, Old Glast Heim has been a long time coming and I'm very excited to share it with you. A lot of time and heart went into this and before we get into it I wanted to give a special shout out to all the people who have helped me with this as it goes well beyond just myself. Obviously a big shout out to Ken who has worked his wizardy once again, but also to the Playtest Team for helping me significantly. You've all done a wonderful job and this wouldn't have happened without you! Also shout out to ManlyCaveman for contributing some amazing custom sprites upon request as well as Chelmico for helping out with status icons. Additionally I want to say thank you to Ninja Medik and everyone in the Browedit3 community for helping me with any questions I had when designing these custom maps. In addition to the playtest team I want to thank the GM team for holding down the fort while I worked on this. You all have done a wonderful job. Also Tewi and Lapaco for being incredibly helpful in both moderation and feedback when it came to designing everything along the way.

Without all the friends and amazing contributors who mostly did this out of the kindness of their hearts, the dream wouldn't be realized! This was definitely a pet project of mine and one that I've wanted to do for over 2 years now ever since the idea came into my head. Seeing it all come to life has been nothing short of special for me and I can't wait to share it with you.

Halloween Event Returns


I'll start with this before getting into Old Glast Heim stuff since its rather straight forward and short. The Halloween event and all its costumes make a return, but nothing new this time since I am ran out of time and did not want to delay this update any longer. However, there are some things that come with events that are standard that I'll get into.

Event Exp


Event EXP returns, with Bat Cookies once again being the standard currency for using @eventexp. This means it will be easy for those of you who have been camping Niflheim for this past year. But for those of you that have not, you can also get Bat Cookies by doing bounty quests during the event! The following bounties give bat cookies:

         -Bio 3 (All Mobs) (20 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Skeggiolds (Odin 3) (50 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Thanatos Tower F7 and up Mobs (10 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Stalactic Golems and Medusas (Beach Dungeon) (20 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Blue and Gold Acidus (Abyss Lake) (30 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Agav and Echio (Rachel 4/5) (40 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Necromancer/Zombie Slaughter/Banshee (Abbey 3) (20/10/10 Bat Cookies Per Turn In respectively)
         -Dimensional Gorge Mobs (Incarnations of Morocc) (10 Bat Cookies Per Turn in)
         -Kasa and Salamander (Thor 1/3) (30 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)
         -Ice Titans (Ice Dungeon 3) (15 Bat Cookies Per Turn In)

To trade for EXP simply talk to the NPC in the main office to exchange or type @eventexp from anywhere!



Halloween Event Exclusives

In the above link you'll find all the costumes that are making a return. Their prices are 300 bat cookies each standardized for all of them, and you can preview them with the NPC like always in the main office and purchase them from Airi once you decide!



Everyone's favorite skelly cat is back for increased costs this time around at 2000 bat cookies, 1000 yummy meats, and 5 memory of Gyolls in the main office with Airi. The Yummy meats and Memory of Gyolls are Niflheim Dungeon drops so if you've been farming there be sure to pick up a few skelly cats before the event is over.

Moving forward, I've decide to make Scatleton a permanent fixture of the server, but he goes on discount during Halloween events to make him temporarily more accessible than normal.

How to get to Old Glast Heim


As you can see above, you'll have to travel to the current Glast Heim map to travel to Old Glast Heim. At the entrance upon coming from gef_fild06, you will come across the Mysterious Wanderer. There's no hoops to jump through this time, no items to collect. Just talk to him and he'll ask if you want to witness the events that led to Glast Heim's undoing.

It is important to note you must be LEVEL 79 to travel to Old Glast Heim.

Old Glast Heim


Upon accepting the invitation to visit the past from the Mysterious Wanderer you will find yourself in glast_02 and free to traverse Old Glast Heim in any way you see fit. None of the dungeons here are restricted in terms of access and you'll be able to take on any monsters you can work your way to and fight!

Exploring Old Glast Heim


Old Glast Heim is no longer confined to an instance map with a story you repeat over and over like in renewal. It's now a full thriving (well...was) kingdom filled with people and locations to discover. There are many locations that are entirely new that have never existed before.

The red dots on your mini map will show all major dungeon entrances, but these new locations that are not considered dungeons will NOT be marked on your map. So make sure you explore the map and talk to the citizens of Glast Heim if you're interested in experiencing more of the lore and story. This is entirely optional of course, but it may be worth your while!

All Dungeon Maps in Old Glast Heim

Just like in regular Glast Heim, most of the same dungeon maps now exist in Old Glast Heim fully restored or altered to represent how they were in the past! Not every single map in Glast Heim is accessible obviously, but most are and you'll find the list just below. These are all the maps you will find monsters on so only enter these maps if you are prepared to fight!

         -Castle 1
         -Castle 2
         -Prison 1
         -Prison 2
         -Chivalry 1
         -Chivalry 2

Royal Sanctum and Chivalry 2

Himmelmez's curse has fully unleashed itself in one particular locale in Old Glast Heim, the second floor of Chivalry. Here you'll find the monsters damage will stick with you thanks to the curse they will apply to you.


This damage cannot be cleansed outside of specific locations within the second floor of chivalry or the Royal Sanctum. Within the chivalry locations will have individual cooldowns on how often they can cleanse you so be careful! If you wish to simply rid yourself of it and reset, you can visit the royal sanctum to cleanse your sins for free without cooldown!


Fear not, this is not the only location to learn about this unique mechanic, all you'll have to do is talk to the knight outside the chivalry and he'll explain the curse to you and to be careful!

Airship Assault


There's not only Old Glast Heim this episode, but a new airship has arrived in Hugel and Captain Ferlock needs your help! Airship Assault and its predecessors renewal instances have been pseudo converted into open world content.

All you have to do to enter is talk to Roderick at the entrance of the Airship and agree to help out onboard. All monsters are below deck so the entrance is safe don't worry!


This content is accessible to everyone, but is recommended more towards solo players who are somewhat higher level. Be weary of an unidentified creature roaming the depths of the airship however....

Temporal Boots Crafting

The main reason to come to Old Glast Heim will be the appeal of crafting the powerful Temporal Boots just like in renewal, but we've mixed things up and adapted them to Alfheim and pre-renewal.



To start you'll have to find Hugin in the Old Glast Heim towers behind the second floor of the Castle. From here he will ask that you bring some items to initially craft your boots. However, there's a catch. These do not roll options at all!

Adding Options


Once you are wearing your newly crafted temporal boots, you'll have the choice to add an option to get yourself started. Note that you must add the top/first option to start and you wont be able to add the bottom option until you've at least added the base of your first option.

Whatever you select, will be the lowest possible value for that option. So ATK starts at 5, Heal power starts at 10, Crit starts 5, etc.

These options have an initial cost that is relatively low so its easy to get your boots and choose the option you want. These also do not affect refines or cards so you can add options and upgrade without fear.

Upgrading Options


However, once you select your option you'll have the choice to upgrade this option further. You can choose first or second option and what you want to upgrade and it will tell you the cost of each upgrade.

These costs get exponentially more expensive to upgrade but will always result in the same costs to upgrade for each time in the end. They also require different materials, starting with coagulated spells, then requiring contaminated magic, and finishing with purified temporal crystals.

Coagulated Spells are found mostly in solo play maps, Contaminated Magic in party based maps, and Purified Temmporal Crystals are only found by defeating Himmelmez herself.

For a complete list of options and their costs to both initially set and upgrade visit the Temporal Boots wiki page for more detailed information.

First Boss Kill Event

Just like with Death Witch and Endless Tower players who successfully kill King Schmidt, Root of Corruption, and Himmelmez will get a unique reward once on their first kill for each respective boss. This means there are 3 unique rewards which I will not reveal here, but I did not want people to know that there are rewards for taking them down in the first month of OGH's release.

Two of these bosses are standard MVP instances, but Himmelmez you will have to find and complete her unique quest line for. I won't reveal where it is or what it takes to complete, that's up to you guys!

Feedback and Monitoring

Discord Feedback Link

Above you'll find our discord link for providing feedback on all the new content in this update. Important to note you should NOT report bugs and mistakes we've made here, those should be in support tickets! We still want to know about those, but this channel is specifically for feedback for balancing purposes.

This content update is massive and there is a ton of new mobs, dungeons, and its all relatively spread out over which classes can go where. As such, its going to be inevitable that some maps climb ahead and other classes shine more than others. This is where feedback will be incredibly helpful to us to help reign in any one map that may be too dominant compared to the others. It also will help us shore up underperforming classes as we do specifically want Old Glast Heim to be accessible to anyone who has reached end game regardless of what class they are playing. (unless you're a Ninja main, kidding! sorta...)

Card Art Contest Winners

We held a contest for filling out the custom mobs card art in discord and after a very close vote (seriously it was razor thin) the winners have been decided! Everyone's entries were wonderful and it was not easy to decide so I just wanted to let everyone know who entered and didn't win that your art was still great, but it was just a really close vote. For those of you who did not win, you should reach out to me on discord about obtaining our participation rewards!

Grand Prize Winners

The best card overall ended up being a tie between two artists!


Luna's Dark Chimera entry tied with...


Pasta's Corrupted Duke

While there was only ever meant to be one winner for this, that it ended up as a tie felt wrong to make one of them lose out so I decided to make both winners. All winners should reach out to me about getting their exclusive costume as as prize as well as other prizes they need to claim through discord.


As listed above, all winners should reach out to me on discord by adding me and sending me a message so we can go about getting your prizes to you!

Without further ado, however, here are the winners and their card arts respectively. The Corrupted Duke and Dark Chimera are listed above so I won't list those again here.


Spätzchen's Bloody Wraith


Pasta's Undead Noble


Feather's Standing Soul


1776's Corrupted Bishop


PtolemaiosLS's Royal Druid


1776's Mutating Prisoner

Honorable Mention and Secondary Winner

Also a special shout out to Buntcake for tying with PtolemaioLS for the Royal Druid card slot in the competition. This one was also a tie, but the tie breaker leads us to using PtolemaiosLS's card as the official card art in game, but Buntcake will still get the same and full prizes that PtolemaiosLS does for winning as well. I wanted to display their art here too so it doesn't get overlooked! Make sure you reach out to me as well!


New Timeline for Alfheim

Now that A.1.0 has finally released you can expect periodic (likely weekly or bi-weekly) updates that will bring A.1.1, A.1.2, and so on to fix bugs and rebalance things as we go along. Don't expect anything major or sweeping changes in these smaller updates. These will simply be to clean up issues and bugs the new content may have presented as well as existing ones we may not have had time for in the past due to creating content.

Moving forward each major episode should happen about every 2-3 months with my current goal being 2 month intervals for smaller content updates. This means you won't see stuff like Old Glast Heim or Episode 1.0 in terms of scope, but you can see a large enough addition to experience new content regularly again.

But first there are a few things we have to tackle first along the way.

Expanded Rework

Yes, we haven't forgotten about it. In fact, its about 2/5 done already with two of the classes already able to transcend and all their skills (mostly) reworked and properly functioning. This doesn't mean balancing is done yet, but we made good progress originally.

I'll be looking to primarily prioritize this over all else out of the below 3 as its been promised for what feels like 2 years now since I got the idea. I know many of you are super excited about it, so the goal is to finish this by the end of THIS year.

The plans have changed on expanded rework since the original document you all read and some of our new plans are even better and more exciting.

Its also important to note the Expanded Rework update will also bring a full overhaul to every class in the game, not just expanded classes. I've combed over every class in the game and laid out plans for rebalancing many of them based on current struggles I've seen. I'm hoping that the expanded rework update, when it finally comes will be our end all be all to balancing classes themselves. The goal will be to leave no useless skills and to make every class viable in its own unique way. This is obviously difficult, but I'm hopeful.

None the less, this is our largest scope and will take many months of both creation and balancing.


As a former guild leader who primarily ran a guild focused on War of Emperium, or played with good friends in a primarily PVP focused guild, its been frustrating to struggle to get the WOE scene really going at all. Even at our peak of over 3000 unique players, the WOE scene has never taken off. We put many hours and tons of effort into balancing and tweaking battlegrounds,but no interest emerged. Tangible rewards have helped WOE slightly, but not to the extent I believe RO PVP needs to be successful.

To be blunt, this game only really thrives in a PVP environment when there are enough people to create a healthy group of guilds that are all decent sized and able to fill the roles they need to play the game. My belief is that RO is mostly balanced in PVP around teamwork and that means guilds need consistent people and roles filled.

So how do we plan to attack this? There are two visions I've had. And given nothing else suggested to me by players has worked so far, I'm taking it into my own hands now and hoping my personal vision on the game will hopefully be able to garner interest.

The first will be a shift at the end of this split. War of Emperium will change to a new series mode similar to leagues you see in professional sports/e-sports. This will likely mean guilds will be restricted to much smaller teams. However, due to the series/league format, larger guilds are welcome to bring multiple guilds to participate so long as they are competing with different teams. The format will be a straight GVG mode with 1 v 1s assigned each week as guilds duke it out. I'll have more details on this as we create it and its gets closer. But I feel current War of Emperium just lends itself to pure chaos, rather than good skill based fun.

Secondly, and even more primarily than the former will be the introduction of the Ragnarok World Championship mode/format for the entire world of Rune-Midgard. RWC is a commonly known format with restricted rules for PVP that favor small scale GVG which means smaller guilds will get the opportunity to participate without being ran over simply for being small.

To make the RWC more than just a for fun meme mode, we'll be introducing the concept region ownership. Guilds will be able to own regions and other guilds will be able to challenge them for ownership of that region. There will be material cost with both maintaining ownership, challenging a guild, and accepting challenges so one guild owning all of the regions is unlikely due to sheer investment. There may or may not be restrictions here to prevent one guild from owning literally everything, but the idea right now is mostly free for all with the limiter being the cost associated with maintaining your regions.

But what do you get for owning a region? Well the current plans are to implement tangible drop bonuses in each region that affect the monsters/bosses in the region that you are in. This will mean increased random optioned gear drops for guilds who own the region and even things like increased card rates are on the table. Nothing is set in stone right now, and these are simply the baseline ideas/vision I have, but I wanted to share them with everyone so they know that I've thought about this at length.

Yes, PVP kids I haven't forgotten about you. I want to have a thriving PVP scene, but its difficult. Just know its not only on my radar but in my immediate plans. Unfortunately some things like BGs, and PVP room will remain on hold as there is simply too much I am behind on, but you can expect at least RWC and the new WOE series next split.

Card Captor Sakura

For awhile I've mentioned the Card Captor Sakura system but not a lot of people are aware of what it is or if its even still coming. I can answer that yes, it is still coming. It's just delayed because my original vision has expanded. Card Captor Sakura will go far beyond Cards (although she'll keep her name).

I've identified in RO, and Alfheim specifically that we have a depth issue. Alfheim may be a grindy server with lots to do, but once you get your gear that's kinda it. I think an open world game like RO is at its best if you feel like you always have small/little goals to work for a little bit at a time. New content can only offer you so much.

The reality is that RO has a ton of content, quests, and places to see overall but you never interact with most of it because it is irrelevant to you once you reach end game. Well that's all about to change with the Card Captor Sakura system as I'll be aiming to make the entire world relevant through a unique achievement system I can't dive into here.

But this system will reward you for playing RO to its fullest and should (hopefully) give you something to do every day even if its just small things here and there. The rewards will be both tangible increases to your gameplay and more cosmetic rewards that are simply for fun and completion.

Overall though, I feel there's a LOT of work to be done here and this will be essential if Alfheim (or any server) is to maintain any semblance of stability in playerbase.

Bug Fixes

1.) Boitata MVP Instance now properly requires Kardui Robe instead of Mage Coat for requirements.

2.) Barricades Base HP raised from 120,000 > 600,500

3.) Level 4 Ranged Weapons Boss option in second category fixed from 10-15% range to 10-20% range

4.) airplane_01 cells all made walkable in the lower levels so players no longer get trapped if they go downstairs.

5.) Kafra in morocc_des can now properly warp you out to the normal locations you would in morocc.

6.) Warrior's Balmung is now properly droppable.

7.) Dandelion's Request quest removed from the game due to conflicting issues with new world quest line.

8.) Forest Shoes are now properly able to be equipped.

9.) Z-Gang quest can now be completed.

10.) Shadow Staff enabling Dark Strike now properly shows up with a skill icon.

11.) Longing for Freedom now properly shows up in the clown/gypsy skill tree instead of Special Singer

12.) Dead Tree Cane (1643) now properly gives 15% MATK instead of 15 flat MATK.

13.) Professor's Spider Web ranged fixed from 7 > 10.

14.) Brute Arc Wand (26141) can now properly be equipped by Acolyte classes.

15.) Acid Terror's MATK portion of the skill is now properly converted into ranged physical damage.

16.) Cards now properly boost the MATK portion of the Acid Terror skill as intended (yes this is unique to this skill compared to other hybrid ratio skills)

17.) Acid Terror now properly can utilize leech effects like Incubus Pet or Dracula Card or Hunter Fly Card.

18.) Acid Terror is no longer reduced twice by damage reducing effects like Assumptio

19.) Nydhoggur Dungeon, Niflheim Dungeon, Old Glast Heim, Niflheim Fields, and New World fields added to daily spotlight rotation possibilities.

20.) Soul Link can now be properly used on a player wearing a GTB card.

Balance Changes

One major set of balance changes and a bunch of minor ones!

Whitesmith's Cart Efficiency


For a long while now, Whitesmith mains have been clamoring for zeny cost reduction in some capacity. Over time I've tried to alleviate this through gears cautiously. But after long time spent debating it, its clear that range is so dominant in the game that their skills could have no cost and while this is extremely impactful, it shouldn't make anything go off the rails. Many classes are substantially buffed here through random options, and while I do not believe smith suffers too much comparatively, its clear due to play rate and usage they have fallen out of favor even vs MVPs they were once a staple on.

As such, we're giving them some early love with part of the Whitesmith Rework coming early. There are other changes planned, but this one was the core change and its being implemented immediately.

With the new skill "Cart Efficiency" you'll be able consume 1 Tempered Steel to grant you a buff that removes zeny cost from ALL of your skills for 10 minutes. (just like alchemy efficiency with acid bottles/bottle grenades)


To learn the skill first head back to the Blacksmith guild as a Whitesmith (sorry blacksmiths) and talk to Blacksmith Prolly.

For 5 Iron and 5 Steel he will teach you the quest skill Cart Efficiency.


You'll soon realize you have no idea how to get Tempered Steel, but fear not. The efficient mechanic (tm) is here to help you! She will exchange 3 Iron and 3 Iron Ore for 1 Tempered Steel to any Whitesmith.

We've also added a warp unlocker in this location (and to the alchemist guild for alchemy efficiency purposes) to make stocking up on tempered steel convenient. You'll only be limited by how much you can carry.

Note that we will be monitoring Whitesmith's performance moving forward to make sure this didn't push them over the top. However, we're fairly confident everything will turn out just as we expected.

Other Balance Changes

1.) Hunter's Claymore Trap, Blast Mine, Land Mine, and Freezing Trap scaling divisible by 40 > 35. (this results in a net 20% power increase give or take)

2.) Bio 3 MVPs now warp away when within screen range of a warp portal. no more portal fisting!

3.) Unidentified Mineral (6048) changed to 0 weight.

4.) RNG removed from Orc Hero Helm Quest

5.) Bio 3 MVP Instance now displays whether a specific MVP (i.e. Sniper or Sinx) is available globally (gepard/computer) and if its available on your account. (these have separate cooldowns.)

6.) Warp Unlocker added outside Nydhoggur's Nest F1 Entrance. (the same one the quest skip warp portal is at)

7.) Rata Card duration of buff increased from 5 seconds > 7 seconds.

8.) Manuk Field 3 (man_fild03) Hillslion spawns increased from 25 > 40 and Centipedes lowered from 25 > 10.

9.) Acolyte, Priest, and High Priest's party buffs now do not interrupt movement with animations after being cast. The special effect still plays, but now you can chain them much smoother. This affects Angelus, Gloria, Impositio Manus, Canto Candidus, Clementia, and Magnificat