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With this update the Summer event for 2022 officially ends. But fear not, as you can use your tokens still on (most) things. Let's talk about that first before going into what little changes Nameless Island has (barely any)

Summer Event Ends

With the Summer Event ending we are seeing a revert to Verdant Prontera (the green grassy version) and saying goodbye to the Beach Prontera music/theme.

We are also saying goodbye to the drinks buffs and the ability to buy a wandering duck doll pet.

However for two weeks you will still be able to use your remaining Starfish Tokens on @eventexp and Costumes with Airi in the main office.

2 weeks after that the Halloween Event will start up so you won't be without an event for too long!

11.3 and Nameless Island

With 11.3 comes mostly just the Nameless Island Quest line and access to the Cursed Monastery.

MVP Instances for Beelzebub and Fallen Bishop are in.

Necromancers are treated as normal mobs for purposes of random option rate gears (Lich's Bone Wand and Mithril Magic Cape)

There have been no spawn adjustments to Abbey this time as I feel the dungeon is honestly perfect as is.

The quest can be skipped by going to to the NPC on the Airplane where you would normally start the quest for 1 million zeny.

You MUST have done the pre-req quests first, however. This means Veins Siblings, Curse of Gaebolg, and Rachel Sanctuary Quests (and thus Lost Child) must all be done first before you can either begin or skip the quest.

New Drops and Adjustments with 11.3

1.) Gakkung[2] from Orc Archer replaced with Orc Archer Bow[0] at 1.75%, remember it has been nerfed to a Level 2 Weapon.

2.) Bloody Knight now Strong Shield at 3.06%

3.) Orlean's Gown added back to Old Blue Box table.

4.) Battle Hook[1] added to Abysmal Knight drop table at 1.75%

Battlegrounds Happy Hours

Battlegrounds has seen a distinct lack of action lately so we're hoping to organize times for people while we continue to work on the new GVG/PVP mode and tournament. Happy Hour will run at specific times for Monday/Wednesday/Friday and also Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (no happy hour on sundays)

Monday/Wednesday Friday = 1 UTC (server time) > 3 UTC

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday = 15 UTC (server time) > 17 UTC (this is only 16 > 17 on Saturday because of WOE)

Happy Hour will increase badges by 30% total during this time and hopefully give everyone a time to plan around to play together.

We are looking into getting some other modes that are more team/objective oriented right now as the current modes are just not very good for the lower population most RO servers have now a days.

We're looking at:

1.) The URF mode we originally talked about

2.) King of Emperium

3.) A smaller version of Tierra Gorge where its about holding points rather than just getting kills. (similar to capture the flag)

War of Emperium Rotation

Before next week on Friday evening just before WOE I will break the castles currently held and remove them from WOE and implement our next two castles: Luina 1 (aldebaran) and Valk 5 (prontera)

Until then, however your castles will remain up with warp portals and all so you can get your treasure until next WOE.

Still working on the God Items nerfs/rework, so that will have to wait until next rotation.

Here are the drops for the castles:

Prontera 5:

Regular Box:

1.) 3carat Diamond- 77.6%

2.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

3.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

4.) Yggdrasil Berry- 25%

5.) WOE Supply Box- 100%

6.) Rider Insignia[1]- 40%

7.) High Fashion Sandals[1]- 40%

8.) Meteo(r) Plate Armor[1]- 40%

9.) Thorny Buckler- 3%

10.) Old Card Album- 20%

Unique Box:

1.) Drifting Air- 0.80%

2.) WOE Supply Box- 100%

3.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

4.) Union of Tribe- 75%

5.) Bloody Branch- 30%

6.) HD Oridecon- 35%

7.) HD Elunium- 50%

8.) Critical Ring- 6%

9.) Ballista- 10%

10.) Rideword Hat[1]- 2%

Alde 1

Regular Box:

1.) 3carat Diamond- 77.6%

2.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

3.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

4.) Yggdrasil Berry- 25%

5.) WOE Supply Box- 100%

6.) Wool Scarf[1]- 40%

7.) Black Leather Boots[1]- 40%

8.) Elegant Suit[1]- 40%

9.) Valk Shield[1]- 3%

10.) Old Card Album- 20%

Unique Box:

1.) Freya's Jewel: 0.80%

2.) WOE Supply Box- 100%

3.) Silvervine Fruit- 90%

4.) Union of Tribe- 75%

5.) Bloody Branch- 30%

6.) HD Oridecon- 35%

7.) HD Elunium- 50%

8.) Bow Thimble[1]- 6%

9.) Exquisite Yellow Foxtail Staff[1]- 10%

10.) Alice Doll[1]- 2%

Skill Adjustments

Magnus Exorcismus

ME is still underperforming in the places it should specialize in and feels rather clunky so we're pushing it a bit closer to its zero counterpart, but still maintaining its classic feel. This should overall result in about half a second shaved off of cast time at higher dex values (read: 130 +) and the ACD lowering should feel really nice for getting some clutch heals off.

ACD: 4 seconds > 2.5 seconds

Cast Time: 15 seconds > 10 seconds

Arrow Vulcan

Arrow Vulcan has had a lot of buffs here, but the 3 second lock out has overall led to it still feeling rather sloggish so we're adjusting this to give Clowns a bit more DPS. Note that this doesn't really make them a DPS on tier with say a Sniper but it does bridge the gap to where its no longer a canyon of a difference.

Hard Cooldown: 3 seconds > 1.5 seconds

ACD: 1 second > 0.5 seconds

Adrenaline Rush and Full Adrenaline Rush

This one is actually a bug fix (thanks Xellie) to adjust the amount of ASPD it gives allies up to 25% from 20% that it was currently at.


Tapping for some reason costs 1 SP. This means if you are vs enemies with Bleed or get sapped of SP by a mob, you wont even able to tap which feels pretty bad overall. Making this cost 0 so it can always be used just feels natural so we're making this change.

Shield Boomerang

Shield Boomerang will no longer work with defense pierce of Ice Pick effects, so things like combat knife, exorcisor will no longer apply. This is a bug we confirmed in Aegis that it is not supposed to work.

Sometimes I would ignore things like this, but defense pierce is a very very unhealthy tool to balance around especially regarding Ice Pick. Knowing that it cannot pierce defenses will give me room to properly balance the skill in the future. (especially with our upcoming expanded rework and link changes)

If the skill is left behind in the dust and feels bad, please leave feedback in our discord. I'm prepared to buff and adjust it as I see fit moving forward, but I want to see how this change affects the build first.

So TLDR: don't panic, I won't leave Shield Boom behind, but I felt this change was necessary for getting the skill working properly.


Leap has been bugged to not allow you to leap to an open cell so long as the cell next to it is unwalkable. This will no longer be the case as if your target cell is open you WILL leap to it.


Estin/Estun now refresh their buff every time you use them for the purposes of casting Esma.

Previously they set a 3 second timing window that was not refreshed so if you casted Estin/Estun > waited 2 seconds or so, for some reason used them again you could not cast Esma if the 3 seconds since the first cast had passed.

This honestly is just a quality of life and changes very little, but they should feel a bit smoother to play.

Assassin Cross of Sunset (Impressive Riff)

Another bug fix here as the formula was agi/20 and has been fixed to scale properly with agi/10. Not much else to say here, it should be a much stronger skill for bards/clowns who invest in agi.

Abracadabra/Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra are now only useable in our branch room to prevent cell abuse. We became aware that you could cell bug a polymorphed monster and then class change it into an MVP that would then have no way to attack you. Granted, this was extremely niche and really annoying to set up, but I'm not taking any chances.

I know this annoying for many of you Abra players, but the branch room is FREE. So just go use it. (bug fixes on branch room below)

Sonic Blow

This isn't being changed (yet) but I wanted to say that we've heard feedback from many SinX players that the sonic blow bug fix/nerfs feel pretty bad overall. We don't intend to un-nerf them for BGs, but its possible we revert this change for PVM at least partially. Either 1 second or 1.5 seconds. This will likely come in the next patch if we decided to do so. If you want to voice your opinion on this can do so in our discord, but know that I'm already considering this.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

1.) Fixed Description of Heartbreaker[1] to no longer claim it can be worn by a Professor????

2.) Green Pots now properly cure confusion

3.) Branch Room timer now persists when server is offline and properly ends itself. This means you should be able to start up multiple branch rooms in the same patch instead of being perma locked out until restart.

4.) Autotraders are now properly removed after 7 days even after being reloaded through a server restart.

5.) Byalan Dungeon 4th Floor warp unlocker added. This hopefully makes Byalan 6 a bit more appealing and makes getting to 4/5 a bit easier for people farming marcs/stroufs/mermen.

6.) Arrow Crafting Changes now put back in since the prices on arrows are now fixed and they should all be selling for 0 again.

7.) Rachel Sanctuary Quest skip now does not require you to go inside to talk to Zhed to skip the quest. You only need to finish the portion with Vincent for Lost Child.

8.) Ktullanux MVP Instance mats changed to Frozen Bow x 1, 100 Glacial Heart, 80 Ice Cubic, and 1 Frozen Rose. The freezing snow powders cause issues with repeating the quest, so we just removed those as a cost.

9.) Fake Odium, Maero, Despero, and Dolor of Thanatos tower now all drop their respective fragments at 100% chance so you can do the MVP instance for Thanatos easier

Moving Forward

So its been a wild rush of new content in an attempt to get caught up to the original timeline I had planned. I've been repeatedly delayed on a lot of thigns, but stuff is coming I promise:

Top Priorities moving forward (in no particular order) are:

1.) Expanded Rework

2.) Halloween Event

3.) GVG/PVP Tournament Modes (RWC/USRC style)

4.) New BG modes

5.) September Costume Boxes and Patreon stuff

6.) Palette and Anti Cheat adjustments (Palettes more likely, shout out to Black Rose and Kazuto for their hard work on this)

7.) Card Captor Sakura NPC for long term goals