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Episode 11.2 is upon us with the first of our two pushed up content updates in Thors and (in two weeks) Nameless Island. Today is only Thor's and Veins, but there are other adjustments and fixes too so lets get into it!

Thor's Volcano Adjustments

There aren't many changes here and no spawn changes, but we've made the following adjustments over renewal:

1.) All Kasa/Sword Guardian/Bow Guardian/Salamanders drop their random optioned based loot at 1.76% as if they were normal monsters and their cards at 0.05 as well.

2.) Meteo(r) plate armor has had its Freeze Resist increased from 30 > 35%

3.) For those of you wondering the item requirements for Ifrit's MVP Instance are

       -1 Lucius Fire Armor of Volcano[0]
       -1 Berserk Guitar
       -50 Burning Hearts

4.) Sword Guardian drops Claymore[2] instead of Claymore

Everything else is vanilla, but you can skip the Veins Siblings Quest in prep for nameless for 2m zeny.

5.) Ifrit teleports if he is brought near a portal, so no portal fisting!

MVP Instance Updates and Changes

1.) Thanatos MVP instance added on the 12th floor. This requires all the fragments needed to normally summon him and 2 Blue Feathers, and 2 Red Feathers. Note that this instance will not warp you back to the 12th floor upon completion but to thana_scene just outside the first floor.

2.) Ktullanux MVP instance added to ice_dun03. requires 4 freezing snow powders (acquired by doing the quest), 50 glacial hearts, 40 ice cubics, and 1 frozen rose.

3.) An NPC now exists inside each instance that lets you go back in case you mess up and choose the wrong option on entering. Choosing to go back will warp you back to the npcs location. So for Thanatos its floor 12, for Ifrit its thor_vol03, etc.

We've noticed some competition for these mvps and the point of the instance system is to remove the need to compete unless you want MVP cards so we're adding in these instances to level the playing field. The NPC to warp you back outside is there as a quality of life for people who are careless and choose the wrong option.

Costume Job Ring Fixes

1.) Classic Rings now are switched to bodystyle script which means they wont change your class and thus remove trans skills upon wearing them. This took us too long, we're sorry!

2.) jRO, kRO, and 4th job rings for both male/female now use Wargs instead of the Ostrich for their mounts.

3.) Gunslinger without ring and Gunslinger with the expanded ring now uses its motorcycle instead of the peco.

Chat Channel Adjustments

1.) Trade Chat now has a 5 minute cooldown, no spamming!

2.) No more flexing your items in main chat, use the intended channel: #freshfinds. Note you can still link items in #trade and #support for help.

Combo Monk Adjustments

Combo monks have felt wonky for some time. So we adjusted the delay on their combos to be tripled so you have a large window to start your combos. This should mean that even at higher aspd you can initiate your combos more freely. As long as you press your chain combo within 1 second of the triple attack you should be ok now. No more having to button mash and now you can combo more smoothly we hope.

WOE Mats Drops Buffs

WOE mats for bombs/Poison Bottles are still quite tedious so we're buffing them some more.

1.) Flora: extra drop of Stem added at the same rate as the other two. (now has 3)

2.) Poison Spore: extra drop of Poison Spore added at the same rate (now has 3)

3.) Trans Spore: extra drop of Poison Spore added at the same rate (now has 3)

4.) Ant Egg: extra drop of empty bottle added at the same rate (now has 2)

5.) Roda Frog: extra drop of Empty Bottle added at 83.19%, other two empty bottles raised to be the same (now has 3)

6.) Wraith: extra drop of Fabric added at the same rate (now has 3)

7.) Verit: extra drop of Immortal Heart added at the same rate (now has 3)

8.) Muka: extra drop of Cactus Needle added at the same (now has 2)

9.) Hornet: extra drop of Bee Sting added at the same rate (now has 2)

10.) Anacondaq: extra rop of Venom Canine added at the same rate (now has 2)

Taekwon Ranker Mission Changes

1.) Taekwon Kid's mission list has been cleared up to remove useless mobs, rare spawn mobs, or mobs that are otherwise impossible to kill.

2.) SP Cost of Taekwon Mission lowered to 0, cast time reduced from 1 second > 0.5 seconds.

3.) Success rate to reroll mission (as long as you havent killed a mob) raised to 10% chance up from 1%

Ammunition Changes

Arrow Crafting Buffs

1.) Amulet:

       Cursed Arrows (40 > 150)

2.) Cursed Ruby:

       Cursed Arrows (50 > 150)
       Sleep Arrows (10 > 50)

3.) Cracked Diamond:

       Sharp Arrows (50 > 150)

4.) Gill:

       Crystal Arrows (150 > 300)

5.) Oridecon:

       Oridecon Arrows (250 > 500)

6.) Crystal Blue

       Crystal Arrows (150 > 300)

7.) Wind of Verdure

       Wind Arrows (150 > 300)

8.) Green Live

       Stone Arrows (150 > 300)

9.) Mystic Frozen

       Crystal Arrows (450 > 1500)

10.) Rough Wind

       Wind Arrows (450 > 1500)

11.) Great Nature

       Stone Arrows (450 > 1500)

12.) Steel

       Steel Arrows (100 > 300)

13.) Needle of Alarm

       Sleep Arrows (5 > 15)

14.) Silver Robe[1]

       Immaterial Arrows (10 > 100)

15.) Dark Crystal Fragment

       Cursed Arrows (30 > 60)

16.) Old Pick

       Steel Arrows (50 > 150)

17.) Used Iron Plate

       Steel Arrows (100 > 150)

18.) Crystal Fragment

       Sleep Arrow (30 > 50)

19.) Golden Ornament

       Holy Arrows (300 > 1000)

20.) Green Bijou

       Stone Arrow (100 > 300)

21.) Blue Bijou

       Crystal Arrow (100 > 300)

22.) Red Bijou

       Fire Arrow (100 > 300)

23.) Yellow Bijou

       Immaterial Arrows (50 > 100)
       Sleep Arrows (80 > 100)

24.) Skeltal Armor Piece

       Immaterial Arrows (300 > 1000)

25.) Valhalla's Flower

       Immaterial Arrow (300 > 1000)

-Gunslinger's Elemental Bullets lowered to 6z each. Magic Stone lowered to 10, Bloody Bullets lowered to 10.

Other Changes/Bug Fixes

1.) Valorant Weapons are no longer account bound.

2.) Seyren Windsor now drops Claymore[2] instead of unslotted Claymore

3.) Wiki NPC now accurately reflects that Noxious are instant respawn in ein_dun01

4.) ein_fild04 now properly labeled Einbroch Field instead of #Einbroch Field

5.) Veins patch items added back into OCA/OPB/OBB (Heart Breaker, Burning Bow, Earth Bow, Thorny Buckler)

6.) Ifrit added to Bloody Branch pool.

7.) Asura Strike no longer draws aggro when the target it hits is being tanked.

8.) Lord Knight/Seyren Windsor Clashing Spiral is now properly reduced by Defender

9.) Reset NPC no longer lowers your job level with a full stat reset.

Coming Soon(TM)

For those of you wondering what is next, its the Nameless Island patch. Let's talk about what will for sure be included with that

1.) God Items/God Items Quest rework

2.) WOE Rotation: New Castles (Pront 5/Luina 1)

3.) Beginning the groundwork on the Expanded Rework. (finally, we're almost done planning)