April 20th Update

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Today's update is mostly just costume boxes. But there are a few small bug fixes. More of the major changes related to PVP/WOE such as Battlegrounds are coming soon though. Appreciate your patience. For now let's get right into the costume boxes and then later the bug fixes/changes.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments

1.) Item Captor now resets its price after 7 days, your quest will still go on forever.

2.) Item Captor no longer displays the kill counts after every kill

3.) New Command: @itemcaptor ! This displays your current item captor count.

4.) Food Buffs persist through death and now last 30 minutes up from 20 minutes.

5.) Dying to Cluckers at our event in Jawaii will now leave you unable to be resurrected. Make sure you save in Jawaii.

6.) Star Gladiator's Union skill (soul link) now has an icon indicating its up. Its a generic icon though as we couldn't find the official one. KEK

7.) Devil's Squares rewards for the event in Jawaii are now gepard locked. Now if you bring alts into the instance only one of your characters can get the costume box reward when they leave.

8.) Spirit Liquor pet food from Wanderer added to Pet Groomer dealer. Old NPC updated to tell you this.

9.) Morocc added to non-kafra towns warps as an option.

10.) Ayothaya's save point has now been updated to be near the Kafra instead of near the ship.


If you run custom GRF edits this patch you need to update them again AFTER patching as the latest patch updates the data.ini .