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So as Project Alfheim has grown we've come into some issues with Prontera getting a little too crowded. Not only that, but people have been frequently choosing to block the main path to the main office and other important npcs. As such, we decided to introduce our new Marketplace.

To get there first go to the Main Office in Prontera talk to Neko, he will give you the option to go to the Marketplace:

After he sends you, you'll find yourself in the Alfheim Market map! (market_sak) Here you can access your Kafra for storage and teleport back to the Main Office or Prontera for free.

Additionally you can talk to the Vending Helper NPC to get automatically teleported to an open location for vending. This will be random and we know the map is big, but don't forget we have our trusty @shopjump (or @sj for shorthand) to jump to shops quickly that may be a little farther out.

You MUST vend on one of these open cells that it teleports you to. You can use @at like normal and trade.

Chat Rooms

For putting up trade chats or any other chat in general, you can still do this (and rather should) in Prontera. But now you are restricted to only do this on the sides of the street now (where you used to be able to vend) rather than in the middle of the street. This is to reduce clutter.