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Ok guys, gonna go over a lot of stuff as this update is absolutely massive with lots of stuff to unpack. We're moving onto to episode 11.1 and that means Rachel and Ice Dungeon are here! To get to Rachel take the international airship!

Let's get into it now about what this patch offers:

Rachel Sanctuary and Rachel Town

Rachel Sanctuary is mostly vanilla here as it will still require donations to unlock the quest for the server! However, there are a few changes:

1.) You can get early access by buying 40 tickets at 50k each. (this adds up to 2m)

2.) Once you buy 40 tickets from Nemma in front of the Sanctuary you can choose to skip the quest for another 3m or do the quest normally.

3.) Note that you MUST still do the Lost child quest and be level 60 for both of these quests to get in.

4.) You can skip lost child for 2m as well for a total of 5m to skip both quests and 2m to get early access for a grand total of 7m.

Agavs/Echios have had their base HP and EXP adjusted respectively. Echios give less base exp but far more job exp, and agavs just give more exp across the board relative to their slightly higher HP pool. Goal of this was to have a better place for trans characters to level. All Agavs/Echios are instant respawn in the final floor and random.

Ice Dungeon

Ice Dungeon is vanilla for now other than a slight increase on Ice Titan spawns in the final floor and making them all instant respawn in the final floor as well.

There will be changes to the Ice Necklace quest in the future to make it repeatable on the same character, but for now it is not ready.

Socket Enchant

Socket Enchant has been massively reworked. All items now have a 100% success chance to socket their respective items.

When it comes to items that roll random options (weapons, armors, garments, shoes) you will be given two choices:

The second is to KEEP your random options when socketing. This will generally be very pricy.

The first is to re-roll the options and depending on how farmable the item is this will vary in price. Items like Infiltrator, Pantie/Undershirt are cheaper while items that are more rare like Dragon Slayer will cost more.

You can also mass socket items at the same time, and the zeny cost will be calculated all at once. You CANNOT do this with two different types though. Those that roll options must be mass socketed separately from the group that cannot. (so weapons/armors/garments/shoes can be done all together, and headgears/acessories can be done together, but NOT mix and match)

Below you will find the complete list:

                 Zweihander[2]:          2,000,000 ///  25,000,000
                 Infiltrator[1]:            350,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Ballista[1]:             1,250,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Berserk[1]:                400,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Gungnir[2]:              3,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Poison Knife[2]:         1,000,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Sucsamad[1]:             1,000,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Gunnungagap[1]:            200,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Cutlas[1]:               1,000,000 /// 15,000,000
                 C. Scythe[1]:            1,500,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Gold Lux[3]:               200,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Book of Earth[3]:          100,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Book of Billows[3]:        100,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Book of Wind[3]:           100,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Book of Blaze[3]:          100,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Orcish Axe[4]:             200,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Spike[2]:                  200,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Dragon Killer[2]:        1,000,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Katar of Quake[3]:         500,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Katar of Blaze[3]:         500,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Katar of Wind[3]:          500,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Katar of Frozen[3]:        500,000 /// 22,000,000
                 Golden Mace[2]:          1,500,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Oriental Lute[2]:          200,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Queen's Whip[2]:           200,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Spectral Spear[1]:       2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Gae Bolg[1]:             2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Schweizersabel[2]:       2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Zephyrus[3]:             2,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Mailbreaker[3]:          3,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Dragon Slayer[2]:        3,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Swordbreaker[3]:         3,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Assassin Dagger[1]:      2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Grand Cross[1]:          2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Executioner[1]:          3,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Bongun Hat[1]:            1,500,00 /// N/A
                 Memory Book[1]:          2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Ninja Suit[1]:             200,000 /// 15,000,000
                 Orc Helm[1]:             2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Ancient Cape[1]:         1,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Monk Hat[1]:             2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Golden Gear[1]:          2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Brooch[1]:               2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Munak Hat[1]:            1,500,000 /// N/A
                 Majestic Goat[1]:        2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Spiky Band[1]:          10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Bone Helm[1]:            5,000,000 /// N/A
                 Corsair[1]:              3,000,000 /// N/A
                 Crown[1]:                2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Tiara[1]:                2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Sphinx Hat[1]:          10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Robe of Cast[1]:         3,000,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Earring[1]:             10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Ring[1]:                10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Bow Thimble[1]:         10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Sunflower[1]:              400,000 /// N/A
                 Ph.D Hat[1]:               800,000 /// N/A
                 Big Ribbon[1]:             800,000 /// N/A
                 Boy's Cap[1]:              800,000 /// N/A
                 Skull Ring[1]:           1,500,000 /// N/A
                 High Heels[1]:             500,000 /// 20,000,000
                 Pirate Bandana[1]:       2,000,000 /// N/A
                 Black Leather Boots[1]:    350,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Mage Coat[1]:            2,000,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Holy Robe[1]:            3,000,000 /// 30,000,000
                 Sacred Mission[1]:      10,000,000 /// N/A
                 Undershirt[1]:             200,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Pantie[1]:                 200,000 /// 25,000,000
                 Necklace[1]:            15,000,000 /// N/A
                 Shinobi Sash[1]:        12,000,000 /// N/A

Custom Socket Enchant Options

1.) Gold Lux[0] has been buffed to have double its base atk from 20 > 40 and also can have 3 slots with this update to Gold Lux[3]

2.) Shinobi Sash maintains all its stats and gains a lot Shinobi Sash[1]

3.) Necklace[1] has been added to socket enchant and will be 1 vit like the item normally is.

Goal of these mostly was to give some love to ninja/gunslinger while making the weirdly rare slotted Necklace more available/accessible.

Skill Updates

A few classes/builds are underperforming in the current meta so we're gonna show some love to try to bridge the gap some more. We're nearing a good spot though overall and there won't be many more changes outside of our upcoming expanded rework which will admittedly be quite massive. But here's what we did for now!


Backstab: 500% ratio with dagger > 550% ratio with dagger,

         SP Cost: 16 > 10

Raid: 300% ratio > 450% ratio


Trap Buffs:

Landmine, Blastmine, Claymore, and Freezing Trap all adjusted to have the same formula.

       (Skill Level) * (DEX + 75) * (INT + 100) / 40 

If you're wondering what that means exactly, it just means the traps are doing roughly 150% more dmg than before. Expect traps to deal 9-12k+ vs proper targets and elemental advantage.

All 4 traps only cost 1 trap now, and mostly last the same duration with claymore lasting slightly longer like normal.


1.) Chain Combo: 400% > 500%

2.) Combo Finish: 540% > 650%

3.) Chain Crush Combo: 1400% > 1700%


Homunculus has been pretty painful to level and we know you peeps are arguing for AFK leveling, but I'm not having it. But I do agree that there is an obvious pain point where by the time you hit 99 your homunculus isn't even close to 99 itself even if you genuinely played the game and leveled. We did the math (correction: Tewi did the math) and determined that 50% exp from owner was a good value to get homunculus to 99 around the time you hit 99 in pre trans.

This will make it easier to level your homunculus without having to watch it smack stuff at an incredibly slow pace.

Homunculus EXP: 10% from owner > 50% from owner


Gunslinger's bullets honestly feel a bit high in price even given that they have access to all elements. To bridge the gap between them and other ranged classes we are lowering the cost of the their bullets by 50%:

This affects: bloody shell (30 > 15), Blinding/Poison/Ice/Lightning Bullets (20 > 10) and Magic Stone Bullet (40 > 20)

Hopefully now Gunslinger is a bit more profitable to play and less punishing.

Spawn Changes/Monster Drop Changes

Only one for now for spawns:

1.) Pirate Skeletons made instant respawn and random and increased from 43 > 50. Because their unique items are required for the upcoming MVP instances they were changed to actually be farmable. Drake will require items that only drop from them.

Former Socket Exclusive Items

These items used to be socket exclusive but were sold by NPC. Given that our new socket is 100% chance we felt this was unhealthy so we moved them to monster drops:

1.) Flamberge[2] from Waste Stove at 1.75%

2.) Claymore[2] from Apocalypse at 1.75%

3.) Hunter Bow[1] from Gargoyle at 1.75%

4.) Stunner[2] from Ice Titan at 1.75%

Other Monster Drops

1.) Dryad now drops Queen's Whip[0] at 1.75% chance.

Bug Fixes and Other Stuff

1.) Sigrun's Wings now properly gives Taekwon Master's 1 STR.

2.) Lunatic Bag costume is no longer hidden by your hair.

Costumes and May Patreon

Can't really post these here, but if you use the search bar you will be able to find the previews on our costume boxes page. Note that as of typing this now they are not up yet as I still have to make the previews. They are coming soon though!

One thing I can talk about is that there is a new format! You can now buy your costumes without having to deal with the RNG gacha box style anymore in addition to still being able to buy the boxes. The price for non garment costumes will be 600 cash points and the cost for garments will be 800 cash points. So the value of 3 and 4 boxes respectively.

These will remain an option while the costumes are in the current month. Once the current month is up they will be removed as options to buy directly and only the gacha boxes will remain.

Additionally a new Legacy Box for only 100 cash points has been put in to the game. This will include all costume boxes from previous months (so not the latest). You can also get this box in the silvervine shop for 15 silvervine so if you don't want to roll the dice with your silvervine for a costume you can do so!

Goal of these changes was to make costumes more accessible without having to deal with constant RNG.

Patrons I appreciate your patience. You guys will get double the rewards this month for your patience of sticking around! I will be messaging you all soon likely tonight or tomorrow about getting your rewards for this month! We'll also be sorting out the new patron role.

Moving Forward

War of Emperium is my largest focus right now and expect an update regarding that in the next day or two to set the official date for the first one. Will likely be in the next 2-3 weeks.

Battlegrounds is almost finished, but currently too buggy to push to live yet. We're working hard on it and it should be ready soon though!

MVP Instances are being planned/calculated for the item requirements for each MVP. Expect each MVP to take 10-15 minutes of optimized farming to get the mats required to start up the instance or join another and roll your own loot! More details on this once it goes live!

Hylozoist/Azoth have been a ginormous pain for us in terms of griefing with constant reports of high level mobs in low level areas. We understand many players do not want to lose the ability to poly though so we're looking into labeling mobs with the players name when they are polymorphed so we can ban the griefers who are using it only to grief other players.

Expanded Rework and other priority bug fixes will come once this is all done. And it will be our biggest project of the summer with full transparency. Expect HUGE changes to the transcendent expanded classes that gives them a lot of power and brings them in line with other trans classes. But for now, I don't have anything to share as we haven't solidified a single thing. We do have a ton of rough drafts, but I don't want to share that until we settle on a direction.

Looking forward to continuing to give you guys content. We're not giving up! Hang in there guys, love you all! <3